Welcome to Multiplexus (India). We take you through our journey of more than two decades of printing excellence.
The Beginning

The Journey

Vision & Mission

Core Values

Social Responsibility

Future Initiatives

Multiplexus India was established 23 years ago in 1989 when two young friends, Deepak Kesari, with a Publishing background and Gopal Raturi, from the Advertising sector, joined hands and commenced on an entrepreneurial journey to make a mark for themselves in the printing industry.

From humble beginnings, they have now, gradually but steadily, built a business which has as its foundation the principles of reliability, sound business ethics, customer satisfaction and quality.

Multiplexus (India) initially operated as a marketing company which got the job done through third parties. It went into its own production with the acquisition of its first offset printing machine in 1995.

To be a successful and dynamic provider of printing solutions, using the latest technology and innovative methods, while unfailingly adhering to high standards of business ethics and social values.

Multiplexus works on certain core values which form the pillars of its operations. These have been adopted over the period of its existence and will be fundamental to its growth in the future. These are:

Multiplexus is conscious of its social responsibilities and wishes to give back to the society in which it operates. It has been lending its support to a few CSR programmes for the past many years. These are:

1) Daya Memorial Charitable Trust, New Delhi which organises health care camps in rural areas.

2)  Noida Mahila Udhyami Sanstha, Noida which provides support to needy women entrepreneurs to stand on their feet.

Besides planning for constant up-gradation and enhancement of its press and post press capacities, Multiplexus has also lined up a few projects in ancillary and non related fields which will drive its growth plans and diversification forays in the future.

Some of these projects will draw synergy from its existing business and will leverage its strengths and capabilities. In planning for growth it has already built the infrastructure in Bawana Industrial Area to house the future projects.